4 3 Other adjustments to investor’s share of investee earnings

For example a 2-for-1 split means the price is halved while shares are doubled, a 3-for-1 split implies the price is reduced to one-third while the share count is tripled, and so forth. Except for adjustments passed through from partnerships, LLCs, and S corporations, these are all comparatively rare adjustments for individuals. More detail on […]

Blow-Off Tops: Expert Strategies for Utilizing and Identifying in Technical Analysis Edge-Forex : Your Partner in Profitable Forex Trading

Bearish candlestick patterns, such as shooting stars or bearish engulfing patterns, emerged as prices approached their peak, signaling potential exhaustion and impending reversals. Additionally, analysis of momentum oscillators like the RSI or MACD revealed extreme overbought conditions. A blow-off top has several key traits, yet it is only in hindsight that we know if it […]

What are Demergers: Its Pros and Cons

De-merging also allows companies to separate underperforming business units that create a drag on their overall performance. Although they can create some complicated accounting issues, de-mergers can create tax benefits or other efficiencies. Government intervention, such as to break up a monopoly, can spur a de-merger. A demerger is a form of corporate restructuring in […]